Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Packing up Christmas

Well, its the day after the epiphany (the what i hear you say?!) so apparently it's time to take the Christmas paraphenalia down and sit in amazement at how big and bare your house has become!

The mother in law took her decorations down on Sunday night last as it was the 'twelfth night' but I did think that felt a bit earlier than I'm used to - I should have remembered religion would have a part to play in it - Carol is in London and we're in Catholic Ireland!

Anyhow, here are some piccies of my OCD Christmas packing up...

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Ciara said...

These are very sweet Sharon! It's always with a mixture of relief and regret that we haul out the boxes and start wrapping things up.
Hope your flu has done a runner at this stage. I feel like I'm fighting off the dose that has them coughing all around me! Eeee!

And Happy New Year!