Monday, 27 April 2009

wedding cake

Happy first wedding anniversary (yesterday) to our friends Carmel & Liam. It doesn't feel that long ago that plans were in full swing, bridezilla was flying around organising, mart and I were busy baking a very special cake (well, lots of them) and then we all partied, and hard!

here are some wedding cake making snaps...

the 'cake' was made up of 140 lemon flavoured
cupcakes with american style frosting in the themed
colour of aqua blue. I baked them in silver foil
cases so they could be as blingin' as the bride!

mart (in his makeshift bakers hat!) was in charge of the
love hearts (ahh) which he stamped out of rolled icing with a
small heart cutter. Then, the couples initials were
embossed on with rubber stamps (which i bought on ebay)
before being left to dry out and harden overnight.

and le piece de resistance - the homemade cake stand. I had great fun
making this -it's made up of cake drums & boards (from any good cake
supplies store or online) which I covered with my favourite anaglypta
wallpaper (from your local DIY store). Once each layer was glued
together, I then cut out strips of the wallpaper for the edging which
I shaped with a pretty flowery stamper (from any good craft store or
online) to finish the antiquey look. bridezilla then choose a very
pretty candy pink and white stripe ribbon (from rubenesque)
which I gluedonto the edge to trim.

Then, on the big day, Mart and I carefully arranged the cupcakes
on the stand, before sticking the monogrammed hearts in.

and the happy couple tucking in!


Ciara said...

Hiya Sharon!

These look divine! Fair play to you. I've only ever twice made wedding cakes (giant chocolate ones) and I think I can say never ever again... the stress!

life with liz said...

love the cupcakes for the wedding day! we wanted cupcakes and for some reason we ended up with a cake....i asked the cake baker to make it look like our waverly was beautiful and my was white with the "sweet" pink bows! i love your blog...i'm just starting mine w/my mom stories and mommy mixups and observations...i need to learn how to add everythin i love....painting furniture, like you & creating all things pretty, crafty and fun! hope u like it!