Friday, 28 August 2009

Sunny Seaside Sunday

We were in London last weekend to visit Mart's family when we had a lovely Sunday drive to Whitstable on the coast. Besides it being a super hot & sunny day (when everything seems so much better!), Whitstable really is an idyllic seaside town with lots of gorgeous wooden beach houses, yummy fresh seafood, a long pebbled beach & lots of very cute shops selling gorgeous things. I had been a few times before but mostly with work when I went on photo shoots to an amazing beach house - which incidently I have been trying to find photos of on the net for ages now to show you. I must try searching the meantime the bunting in the photo above has reminded me I really must finish that bunting I started so many moons ago. Here are some more sunny seaside snaps...


Ciara said...


That first photo GOT me. Imagine living there. *sighs* And I love those stripy deck chairs. Was just looking at mine last night and thinking they need to be redone. Another job to put off til the spring methinks. My thoughts are turning fireside now. :-)

Looks like a lovely time was had.

Mel Design Heaven said...

i would love to live by the sea. that is my dream so hopefully one day it will come true. Lovely pics.