Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sick Week

So we had 'snow week' a few weeks ago and now here at Friendly Cottage we've had 'sick week'. Our medicine chest has been out throughout the week for various snuffles and sniffles. Then a strange thing happened to me that I won't go too into, but basically involved bad facial burnings from Tiger Blam (of all things!), resulting in swellings which made me look like a cross between Mike Tyson & the Elephant Man and took steroids to take down!! No clue where that came from, but all I know is I've had my annual fill of Jeremey Kyle for sure! Marty's mutant wife is just about making it out in public now under hat and scarf but is awaiting facial bits to fall off!

Anyhow, my facial horror story aside, I realised I hadn't shown you our medicine chest above which I bought here (but have seen in Avoca in the meantime). More to the point though is this gorgeous old elastoplast tin which we keep inside the chest. I scored in a car boot sale last summer. Isn't she a cutesy?!


Paula @ Mabel & Violet said...

Poor you, that tiger balm incident sounds a bit nasty and I thought it was supposed to cure everything! At least you can find solace in rummaging through your gorgeous medicine chest and that elastoplast tin is a great little find!

Ciara said...

Eeek! Jeekers, I hope you are over the worst, poor you. What a horrible thing to happen. I remember waking up in a tent in Holland, the day I was leaving for home after being away all summer, and my face had been bitten repeatedly by something. I was so swollen I could hardly see, and I had to get the boat and train home! It was so humiliating...

Love the tins! Been eyeing up the one in Avoca. Might just have to get one.