Wednesday, 4 February 2009

beautiful baby billy!

A big welcome into the world to beautiful baby Billy from Brisbane! Billy Martin Smith I might add! He made me an aunt and mart and uncle for the first time and of course nan and grandad smith too (how old does that make us all feel?!). He was born today at 10.53am aussie time (it was 1.53am here) and he weighed 7Lb 1oz. Mum is a bit wooped after the c-section and dad is currently sleeping after a very stressful 24 hours! Congrats Trev & Bec....he's just gorgeous...(even though dad said he looked disturbingly like martin when describing him to nan! - he has a point!)

Here's my eejet husband coming live and direct from Japan with his first photo with new nephew Billy ....very inventive mart!

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Ciara said...

Aw how sweet! Congrats to the Aunty and Uncle! (I became an aunty for the first time this summer gone).

And our littlest is called Billy too...!