Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy 10 Years Together Day!

I'm not sure if it feels like a lifetime or not - Mart and I met 10 years ago today in a crazed club in London where I was so drunk, I had to keep asking his friends his name all night as I couldn't remember (the shame!)....anyhow, we won't go into that.

It's happy 10 years together day...what do you do to mark that? We don't dare go out for dinner knowing we would be surrounded by lots of valentines couples so we're staying in (and I'm currently being threatened with one of those M&S romantic meals for two if I don't behave, agghh..(what are they all about?!)...I could make a cake but I'm too busy writing about making cakes and anyway Mart is back in full marathon training so the closest I'll get to one is a rice cake!

Anyhow, we had gifts and cards for each other this morning which was lovely. As usual we told each other not to get too excited (Mart because he saved back one of my gifts from Japan for me, and me because his gift was more for me than him!)..

I went for the Jan Constantine cushion in the end - I've had my eye on it for ages - Mart did like it actually - I figured the British flag would win him over! I waited 10 years for a box of Japanese chocolates that resemble individually wrapped dog-poops (but thankfully don't taste anything like that!). Only joking - I really like my gift too - it even had a little booklet in there with fun Japanese cartoons on (Mart said cartoons are called 'Manga' in of his boring facts that I've become used to over the years!!)..anyhow, I also loved the card which continued the recent Geisha girl theme -
(according to Mart what he lacked in substance he made up for in detail!) he actually got it here in SWALK ...brownie points for effort anyhow!

...Perfect and simple 10 year bliss.

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