Sunday, 8 March 2009

marathon mart part 1

Mart has been working really hard getting in shape and training for the London Marathon which is on 26th April. He got really serious after Christmas and put me to shame with his very healthy eating. I was appointed his nutritionist but I can't say I have been living by my own rules! I always enjoy eating healthy meals (why do some people think healthy doesn't mean tasty?) but I must admit I didn't give up my treats!

Anyhow, Mart started off getting his weight down so there was lots of steaming going on! Here are a couple of Mart's skinny dinners:

Get the rice onto cook first as it can take up to 40 minutes. We cook ours in the bottom of the steamer pan which saves on washing up and electricity too of course! Pop each portion of salmon fillet onto the centre of a square of foil, grate some fresh ginger over and then a good squeeze of lime juice. Season with salt and pepper and then gather up the foil edges, scrunching them closed into a parcel. Pop the parcel into a steamer and cook for about 15 minutes. Add the vegetables to the steamer closer to the end of cooking time, adding them at different stages depending on how hard or soft they are. Try broccoli, shredded green or savoy cabbage and asparagus in that order. Toss the cooked vegetables in soy sauce and dried chilli flakes before serving. Serve the salmon in the parcel for each person to open and slide out with lots of yummy juices.

Using the same idea as above, pop the baby potatoes on to cook in the bottom of a steamer pan. Place a chicken breast in the centre of a square of foil, rip up some basil and sprinkle over with some finely chopped garlic and red chilli and a squeeze of lemon juice. Steam for 15-20 minutes, adding vegetables to the steamer towards the end of cooking time. Try finely sliced carrots, courgettes and mixed peppers, adding the carrots first as they will take a little longer to cook than the other veggies. Serve the chicken in the parcel for each person to open themselves and slide out with the tasty juices.

Here is a photo I rooted out of Mart with his medal after the great south run in Portsmouth, I think in 2003 or 2004. It was a 10k run so at least we know he can make it that far!

awh, he looks about 12 at a school sports day!

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Ciara said...

Janey-mac, I'm not sure how I'd manage living with someone super-fit and healthy... Although then again, maybe it'd make me feel a bit better about all the things I can't eat!