Friday, 26 June 2009

hooked on handtowels

We made another tiny step towards making this house a home tonight when we finally got around to hanging a hook and hand towel in the bathroom (a momentous occasion!). The door frame seemed the perfect spot for the hook (from Avoca) as it is right beside the sink, so Marty screwed it on there.

Meanwhile, I was busy gathering ribbons, buttons and thread to make a tag to hook it on with. We bought two identical hand towels in Anthropology when in New York last year (a bit like our Avoca with more of an Urban Outfitters edge) so that one could be in the wash when the other was being used. They are actually face cloths but I think they are large enough to use as hand towels and their pretty antiquey edges and embroidered flowers are too pretty to not have on show.

Anyhow, to sew the hooks onto the towels, I firstly doubled my chosen ribbons over themselves to make them stronger but also because one of them had a right and wrong side (and obviously both would be on show so I had to hide the wrong side). I machine sewed (yay, the machine is out of storage!) the edges together using a thread the colour of the towels (which contrasted with the colour of the ribbons and buttons and therefore bringing them together). After a quick press with a cool iron, I then folded the ribbons in half to create a loop. Then, I hand sewed their frayed edges down onto the corner of each towel. Next, I hand sewed the buttons on top of the frayed edges of each ribbon to disguise them. Finally I gave the towels a good iron and hung each one proudly on the hook to see how they looked...

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