Friday, 23 October 2009

stairway to hell

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my previous post & of course for voting's a bit of fun anyhow. Just as I thought, there are completely different opinions. However, I think we have managed to make our decision...but there are four days left to vote so you can still sway us! Hopefully the big reveal will happen soon but, in the meantime I've dug out some snaps of the stairway's (very slow) progress (if you can call it that!) since we moved in....(Mel over at design heaven had asked for a snap of the area to help decide on which wallpaper but, Mel, not sure these are very helpful!)...

(L) as we bought it (R) stripping paper (with falling walls with it!)

(L) freshly plastered (R) carpet ripped up


Sadhbh said...

Your renovation reminds me so much of ours. I think our houses are even the same era (late '40s?) We had layers and layers of wallpaper to strip too - in every room and even on some of the ceilings! And as we stripped the paper, the walls crumbled too. We haven't been brave enough to re-apply paper again (I think we're still too traumatised!)All of our walls are white, which is a good gallery-style background for our art and random object collection.
I'm sure someday colour will sneak back into our lives!

Lorna said...

Those pics bring me back - looking forward to seeing pics of it completed with your gorgeous wallpaper, whichever you pick :-)

designheaven said...

oooh can't wait to see the end result. Will you be laying carpet or painting the stairs. hope its going well.