Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The life of a Science Lab Stool

Summer is a great time to hit auction houses as 'closed for the holidays' schools have a revamp, chucking out old chairs and desks and other such gorgeous delights for magpies like me to swallow up and reinvent. Last summer I bagged these cutesy stools at a snatch of €10 for the four. They were in an auction in a lot of nineteen and so I didn't bid (I'm not that much of a hardcore hoarder!). Although, when I came back to the auction to pick up some other 'one mans junk, another man's treasure', I asked out of interest who bought them, only to end up meeting the woman who did - she really didn't want them all either and so sold me four. I slung them in our loft (I dare not look up there at what else I have buried away!) until I had time to lovingly attend to them recently, only to find that two were one height and two were another!!! What a shame....they had been stacked and so in my bargain hunters delight I hadn't even noticed! Oh well, it was obviously meant to be that baby bears stayed with Mummy & Daddy! are some snaps of the original babies, graffiti and all. Now they have hot pink (spray painted) legs and white washed tops (with graffiti undersides as a reminder of their past life!). They now live happily tucked under our new kitchen counter (which has our cooker nestled in....more about that later).


Lilly Higgins said...

These are so cute, well done. And what a bargain! You're kitchen is goooorrrgggeous! Gorgeous. x

Designermmg said...

aw really nice, but dont worry the shorter ones will do for the short legged people, like moi. you are soooo inventive..marie

Miss B said...

sharon, i totally love your style!!
your pink school chairs have me drooling and wishing i wasnt the ONLY girl in my house...perhaps i'd be able to decorate with more pink, then!! loooove them!!

mise said...

Great work on those lab stools - they look ever so stylish and unique, streets ahead of what they were.