Saturday, 6 February 2010

Some Inspiring Links

You may remember when I met the lovely Paget Scott McCarthy & Rebecca Devaney here. Well, since their first class back then, they have been whisking the Dublin crafting scene into a frenzy with their successful Textile Workshops at the Pearse Museum. They are now also hosting embroidery evenings at Nelly's deli on the South Cirucluar Rd, clever girls! Sadly I won't be around this Wednesday evening for their Valentines themed evening but that leaves a seat for you if you want it, you'd be mad not to!

On the subject of all things inspiring, there are a few other things I have wanted to tell you about...
- Check out fellow bloggerette over at Inspire my house pretty (say hi, because she has been blogging away with lots of great inspiration since last year & apparently my recent comment was her first!). 
- My friend Agnes beavers away down at LIT where they have a brand new food site and have very kindly linked us on *blush*. 
- Also, Happy, the lovely lady who changed the face of Friendly Cottage, has a brand new online shop *squeels of delight* selling vintage goodies, some of which she has made herself.....hands off the button necklaces! 
- Thanks to the guys over at Shelterrific for the inclusion of Friendly Cottage on their blog-watch list, shucks!
- Finally, big thanks to Lorna over at Garrendenny Lane Interiors for including Friendly Cottage in an upcoming feature in Munster Interiors, can't wait to see it!


Ciara said...

Oh sometimes I wish I still lived in the city...sigh... Sounds like my kinda place. Still, I guess that's why we honorary culchies have to create our own evenings to stitch and...knit! :-)

Great links, Sharon!

C x

DesignFingers said...

Thank you X to you lovely Sharon!