Friday, 25 September 2009

lost in dust

Oops, sorry I have been missing in action for so long...I have a mix of excuses including being busy with work, not having a laptop (all sorted out now again thankfully!) and generally being lost in dust in this building site of ours. The renovations are cruising along nicely with amazing things happening every day. So other than the constant dust and dirt we're getting along fine! Here are some snaps of the top of our fireplace - one of the few areas of the house that is nice to turn to and remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm heading away with work for a few weeks so apologies in advance for abandoning blogging yet again! Hopefully when I get back all the renovations will be complete & I'll have a spick & span house (ahem, dream on!)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Electric Picnic Checklist

Well, the rain is pouring down and the hail stones pounding but still we're doing it to ourselves and heading down to a muddy field in stradbally for a weekend of festivities at lecky picky! Now I'm a bit of an obsessive compulsive when it comes to organising and packing (particuluarly when it comes to one's comfort don't you know) so here's my list of what we're bringing. The husband doesn't know the full extent mind you ;). Take or leave from it what you like, it's just a handy checklist....hope I haven't forgotten anything!!?!

tent (check pegs & guide ropes are included!)
blow up bed & foot pump
fitted sheet (ok, not essential but!)
really warm sleeping bags
torches & fully charged batteries
camping light
fold up chairs
waterproof backed picnic blankie
spare batteries
locks for bags (just in case there's some not so friendly people there!)


printed out maps of site & day by day line ups
ID (unless like me there's no way you're gonna be asked for it but would be totally flattered if you were!)
phone / camera charger (or spare batteries)
phone (fully charged)
camera (fully charged) with empty sim card
post it notes & pencil (you never know!)
chewing gum
cash & cards (be careful not to bring too much - there are ATM's on site to keep you going)
magazines / cards / games (incase you're stuck in your tent with the rain!)
ipod & speakers / radio & batteries
ciggies & lighter (if you are naughty & smoke!)
zip lock bags (you may laugh, but you'll be surprised what they'll come in handy for...think sick bag & smelly, soggy socks!!)
kitchen roll (for mopping up those spillages or to use as napkins)
BIN LINERS - not just fo rgathering rubbish but essential as your seat and rain jacket throughout the weekend!

loads of warm (long) socks
plenty of clean knickers!
warm clothes for bedtime
general clothes (for all seasons!) - whether you're into frilly frocks, skinny jeans, hot pants...
umbrella :(
rain gear :(
towel (whether you're taking a shower or not!)
swimwear - thats if you decide to take a (communal) shower
flip flops
a good sized bag to take all your essentials into the arena and comfortable enough to carry for hours (& of course neutral enough to match with every outfit!)
hair bobbins & bands (for putting up that not washed hair into fabulous styles!)
jewellery (don't bring your great grandmothers jewels however!)

sun cream :)
lots of WET WIPES (festival essential!)
ear plugs (essential!)
eye mask
alcohol based hand santizer
headache tablets
toothpaste & brush
deodorant (lots of it)
perfume too!
cleanser, toner, moisturiser & cotton wool if you cant face a weekend of wet wipes!
dry shampoo
shower gel (if you're taking one!)
loo roll
any tablets you usually take (BUT NO DRUGS PLEASE!!)
make up

cool box
ice blocks
disposable BBQ
matches / lighter
disposable plates & cups
plastic cutlery

booze - 48 cans max per person permitted apparently - now, tell me who on earth would bring that amount for themselves??? or am i just being really old?! beers, ciders, ale, alcho pops, spirits & mixers, wine, bubbly...whatever takes your fancy!

loads and loads of water to conteract the booze!

We'll be scoffing cheese, crackers & chilli jam for a chilled out lunch on friday & then sausages (see tip below), bread rolls & relish for brekkie saturday. Other than that fresh food won't survive the course so we'll be feasting in the arena at all the yummy food stands & farmers market.

Some non-perishable breakfast ideas: rice cakes or crackers with mashed banana & peanut butter (or both), homemade flapjacks, cans of beans (thats if you love them cold from the can like me!), or just a plain old can of coke & packet of tayto if you're really hungover!

snacks we're bringing include pretzels, salted pistachios, marshmallows (for the barbie!), fruit & chocolate.



stick a large / visible sign in your car window (front & back if necessary) asking people not to block you in, particularly if you need to leave before monday

put a note, reminder or send yourself a text of where the car is parked!

stick some packs of sausages or bacon in the freezer - great as ice blocks in your cooler (pack them in zip locks to avoid spillages) and then perfectly defrosted in time for saturday mornings rumbly tummies!

freeze your drinks (watch out for expanding liquids freezer explosion theory!) for same reason as above (leave a few unfrozen so you're not pitching your tent sober!).

when your cool box is emptied use it as a bin by lining it with a plastic liner. easy to carry away with you then too!

stick your printouts of the site map & days events in a plastic pocket to keep it from tearing in tatters and / or becoming soggy from spilt booze or rain!

stick fake flowers on everything!! essential for fitting in with that colourful and fun festival vibe. Put them on your wellies, socks, hat, rain coat, bag, a wrist band, beady necklace & hairband & clips!

PHEW....good thing we're not travelling with Ryanair!! See you down there - call by for a beer! S & M X

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Special Memories

It's our happy 3 years married day, awh!