Sunday 25 October 2009

room with a view

I forgot to show you this snap I took last week when I got back from my work trip, lol! I arrived home when it was dark, so it was a bit of a shocker to see this scene in the back garden when I woke up the next day!! Not quite the palace I had dreamed of returning to.

So, it's all systems go here now getting the house ready (well, as ready as it will be!) for the arrival of Martin's brother Trevor, Becky & our new nephew Billy from Brisbane....8 more sleeps (and lots of building, assembling, sanding, scraping, painting, wallpapering, moving furniture, trips to hardware stores, quick decisions, pulling hair out, screaming and of course cleaning in between. Oh, and not forgetting the day jobs!).

So excuse me once again if I'm off the blogging radar for a bit, but hopefully I'll have lots to share soon..

Friday 23 October 2009

stairway to hell

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my previous post & of course for voting's a bit of fun anyhow. Just as I thought, there are completely different opinions. However, I think we have managed to make our decision...but there are four days left to vote so you can still sway us! Hopefully the big reveal will happen soon but, in the meantime I've dug out some snaps of the stairway's (very slow) progress (if you can call it that!) since we moved in....(Mel over at design heaven had asked for a snap of the area to help decide on which wallpaper but, Mel, not sure these are very helpful!)...

(L) as we bought it (R) stripping paper (with falling walls with it!)

(L) freshly plastered (R) carpet ripped up

Wednesday 14 October 2009

which wallpaper?

We would really love your help with this one please! For ages now we have been undecided about which of these two wallpapers to go with for our hall & stairway (just up the one wall)....

I have always loved the Wistaria as the print looks great falling down a big expanse of wall....but then the Saplings one is sooo cute & retro! HELP! Cast your vote on the poll at the top right of the page. I know it's very subjective but let's see which is the favourite amongst you all & we'll reveal our chosen one soon!

Saturday 10 October 2009

a lovely phonecall

on the friendly cottage wishlist...reconditioned telephone from pedlars

We had an exciting call today from one of my brothers, Keith, with some fab news that he has got engaged to the lovely Lisa. We're very excited and I'm thrilled that I will have a sister on the Hearne once all boy team!! Congrats guys...can't wait already for Oct 2nd next year! XXX

Sunday 4 October 2009

adorable prints

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the previous post...and welcome to lots of new followers this week too - what a lovely surprise!...and Paula, the print reminds me of Sanna Annuka too but it's not actually, it's a screen print from a lovely girl in south east can find it and other very gorgeous goodies on roddy & ginger (home of these lovely images)....

The design is looking very cute printed on kids aprons too...

also on friendly cottage's wish list...

and for the love of all things owl...