Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Happy Birthday Cath

It is Cath Kidston's birthday this week and she held a competition to win a limited edition Roberts radio. All you had to do was make her a birthday cake and send in a piccie of it. I sent in this hilarious chocolate barbie cake which I love (but do think is a bit freaky also)! I cheated a little as I actually made it for a friends (cliona's) birthday a couple of years ago and remembered I had the piccie. I think it's really good fun anyhow and hopefully will give Cath enough of a laugh to send the winning prize to me! Come on Cath - I've wanted a Roberts radio for ages!!

p.s. I'll dig out my chocolate cake recipe for you when I unpack all my much longed for cookery books at some point in the not so near future! Oh, and I'm sure to make this again in the future so I'll take some piccies as I go to show you how to recreate it!

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