Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Majestic Merchant

I have found a sanctury away from home in the form of an amazingly luxurious hotel in Belfast called The Merchant. I was there with work, but being accustomed to being put up somewhere averaging a travelodge, I was blown away.

I think photos on their website do more justice than my snaps, but I couldn't help myself in trying to bring the feeling home with me. I totally loved the stripy carpet, which I had considered before for our own house, the stairs in fact, but thought a little risk-e. I loved the fact they had a lot of black mixed in (in the carpet, one of the several layers on the bed and the antique wardrobe) to help with the luxurious feel, something I have planned to do in some of our rooms - but more because I'm using bright colours, so for clashing and bringing colours together.

I was also totally inspired to see fabric trims stuck or pinned to the walls - this trim in the photo ran along at eye level but the top of the wall (too high for a photo) was framed with amazing tassles which were totally majestic - they've got me thinking!!

Lovely William (an institution in The Merchant) informed me when showing me round my room that everything in the hotel was antique, WOW! If only I could have unscrewed the gorgeous French sink and got away with it! Art like this is not really my thing but I can appreciate how old it is and the effort and thoughts that went into it so I was happy to share my room with this posh bird.

After my scrumptious mood lit bath I headed to the cocktail bar (very appropriately just opposite my room) where I met Hayden the bartender. He made me a delicious cocktail and was even happy to send the recipe on to me - Check out Hayden's blog for his now not so secret recipe for the Clover leaf. Obviously, it won't be quite the same for me making it for myself and sipping it in Drimnagh! Also, it turns out we have a friend in common, Paul Lambert of Saba cocktail making fame. Phew, I can relax now knowing I can get a great cocktail in two Irish cities.

Then after a hard nights partying, I was back in the sanctury of my room. Once again I was blown away finding handmade chocolate truffles, a weather report for the next day and a little poem to lullaby me to sleep. Oh the life of a princess....

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