Monday, 22 September 2008

Temple Bar Treats

Last weekend we had a lovely little wander around Temple Bar on a sunny Saturday afternoon. I bought a book from a second hand stall which is full of amazing vintage fashion and beauty ads. Here are some inspiring (and some hilarious) pages - they just don't make ads (or men!) like they used to!

We also tucked into pies from the Gallic Kitchen stall in the farmers market before heading to Urban Outfitters where we bought a wooden chandelier. We put it up on the stair landing as soon as we got home - no doubt it will gather lots of building dust and of course will have to come down again once we (i use the term loosely) come to finish decorating but it cheers me up looking so pretty there for the time being anyhow!

Finally, we were lured like bisto kids into the new branch of 'Queen of Tarts' on cows lane where we bought some amazing raspberry & lemon cheesecakes to have after tea. Totally yummy!

The original Queen of Tarts herself!

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