Sunday, 18 April 2010

Souper Sunny Sunday

OK, so today isn't quite the summers day yesterday turned out to be (here in Dublin at least), but I'm living in hope as it ain't over yet. Yesterday, we sipped away on pretty cups of refreshing Gazapcho in the glorious sunshine. Here's my quick, easy peasy and s(o)uper skinny recipe...


Makes 600ml

400g ripe tomatoes (about 4 medium)
125g cucumber (about a 1/3)
¼ small red onion
½ red pepper
½ red chilli, deseeded
1 small garlic clove
4-5 basil leaves
½ tsp sherry vinegar
pinch of caster sugar (optional)
¼ small red onion
½ red pepper
½ yellow pepper
1 small avocado, finely chopped
glug of extra virgin olive oil
handful of small mint leaves
salt and freshly ground black pepper

Simply roughly chop the tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, red pepper, chilli and garlic and place in a jug blender with the basil.  Blitz until really smooth. Season to taste with salt, pepper the sherry vinegar and a little sugar if necessary. The soup can be chilled at this point if you like.

For serving, very finely chop the red onion, red and yellow pepper and avocado. Pour the Gazpacho into serving bowls, cups or glasses and scatter some of the toppings over. Drizzle a little oil on top of each one and scatter the mint over. Serve any remaining toppings separately.

- You can pass the Gazpacho through a fine sieve if you prefer a smoother texture. Don’t forget you will yield less in this case though (about 450ml).
- Use canned tomatoes if fresh ones aren't very ripe.
- If you can’t get hold of sherry vinegar then use red wine vinegar or even lemon juice instead.
- Substitute the fresh chilli for dried flakes or Tabasco.
- Beef the soup up a little with a dash of Worcestershire sauce.
- Other fab toppings include crab meat or finely chopped prawns, some finely chopped chives, grated boiled egg, croutons or an ice cube for extra chill.
- Gazpacho is also delicious served with an oyster on the side.


Julie said...

What a delicious-looking gazpacho! Thanks for sharing this recipe--I hope the weather stays wonderful for you!

Ciara said...


One of my favourites! And I bet it tasted even better out of that sweet little cup!
C x

My Grama's Soul said...

Boy...oh I glad I found you. Your recipes look yummy.



pallavi said...

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