Monday, 29 March 2010

Spot the Zebra

Before & After

I picked up this chest of drawers in Oxfam home for €50 (was I robbed?!). The one on the left thanks, very funny! What I was really after was a beautiful dressing table. I found lots, but realised they just didn't have enough storage...something I needed more than the glamour of sitting there pretending I was a movie star. Anyhow, I went with my usual Gok Wan clashing and chose black and white zebra stripes for the green flowery wallpaper bedroom. I have those black & white cushions in there already so hopefully you agree it works?!

I painted the whole chest white egg shell first of all. Several coats. And more again. Once dry, I then painstakingly worked out the spaces evenly and masking taped to create the stripes where the black paint would go. Also, I forgot to mention that there was a crack in the top so I figured that if I planted that right on the edge of a black stripe it would be sufficiently hidden. I do know how to make life hard for myself don't you think? Hmmm.

Then I found these cute vintage drawer knobs at the Newmarket Brocante for €15. There was a set of ten (which I needed) although they didn't match. But all the better and they came as a family so I love them. I found the mirror in Gibson Bailey salvage yard. I've kept the yard afloat during the recession so your man gave it to me for free. Thanks Sean! It has a lovely art deco detail at the top which I of course slapped a bit of (purple) paint on. Me and paint eh? It's one of those bevelled mirrors with hangy chain thingys (another obsession I must reveal to you another time). I preferred to leave it sitting on top of the chest though instead of hanging it above. And, ta da...I can be a movie star after all!

Now, as always a woman's work is never done. So i have more plans for this baby. What on earth has she got planned for this already riske chest now I hear you cry? I'll be back. It might be a while!


Ciara Brehony said...

Janey mac, been waiting twenty minutes for these images to load and they just WON'T! So, I will have to use the powers of your description, combined with my powers of imagination to picture it for myself...

It's simply DIVINE Sharon! I love it! And god bless your patience...

I'll be back to check if I was right! LOL!

Lilly Higgins said...

I love the stripes with the wallpaper! I never would have thought of it. And the doorknobs! What a find! Very cute that they're not all identical.
I have a soft spot for those bevelled mirrors too, mine is one of my favourite things!
Well done on all the hard work and keeping the lines so straight!x

Lorna said...

I can only see the first photo for some reason. My goodness that was painstaking - well done and it looks great.
€50 for it, were you robbed? Well, you probably would have got it for less at an auction but then you would have been there for ages waiting for your item so you have to weigh that in. Plus if it was Oxfam, - money to a good cause too :-) and it looks smashing. Wonder why the other photos won't show up.

Ciara Brehony said...


I was right! Absolutely gorgeous!

michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

she's gorge!! you eed to share this post on the linky's...go to my blog and link up to sharing sites (underlined text below posts are link ups!!)
people need to see this unique spin on an old piece...nice work!