Wednesday, 29 July 2009

builders bums

I've never been so glad to see them! Our much talked about (2 years!) extension has finally started and it's flying up! It's very exciting but also very grown up to think we're paying three people to work for us for a couple of months, not to mention the guys who pull up in huge trucks on a daily basis and of course all the supplies, yikes! Here are some daily snaps so far (before and afters)...

clockwise from top left...the garden as we bought it. mart & his dad clearing the garden out (there was a LOT of wood). the garden this summer. foundations dug out on monday.

clockwise from top left...the back of the house soon after we bought it (you'll see we didnt change the bottom window or back door as we knew we would be extending). back of the house on monday (thats the soil from digging the garden out which the builders have now used to level the garden). the foundations dug out. a couple of walls up already.

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Cliona O'Flaherty said...

Amazing, they've moved quickly. I'd say they're getting the best breakfast rolls in town, gubbeen sausages and homemade'll never get rid of them!