Tuesday, 7 July 2009

homemade napkins

It's pretty quick and easy to run up some napkins, never mind how much cheaper it is than buying them and also the fact that you can make them to your own style and colour scheme. Choose a heavyish cotton or a linen - it's wise to test a little in the washing machine for shrinkage or colour loss. Cut out about 30cm squares and embellish them if you like. I simply machine sewed on some ribbons and ric rac but you could applique, embroider or print a design on either for example.

Next you need to hem it to hide the frayed fabric (and ribbon if using) edges. This is pretty easy with only the corners being a bit tricky. Working with right side down throughout, firstly, snip off a little of each corner (this helps to reduce the bulk when all the edges are folded in). The iron is your friend from here on. Iron the edges in evenly all the way round (I turned the edges about 5mm).

Iron the trimmed corners in by the same depth also. If you are not very confident at machine sewing, then tack (large hand stitches) the hem down to stay in place.

Turn the edges once more (just a little deeper than the last turn, so I went about 7mm). Pay extra attention to the all important corners so they sit together nice and neatly (or as neatly as possible at least!) - you have just made a mitred corner! Again, tack the edges down to secure in place for machine sewing.

Almost there now! Machine sew the hem in place, turning the fabric around at the corners (leaving the needle in the fabric as you do this). Remove any tacking and give a good overall press with the iron.

Fold the napkins neatly and voila and you're done!


Designermmg said...

aw sooo cute, where will i ge the time1 im not reading ur blog anymore cause i always want to make things....lol only joking of course. Am inspired yet again to do something other than watch tv!

Paula (Mabel & Violet) said...

These are so pretty, thanks for the lesson Sharon. I really have to get that sewing machine now.

Mel Design Heaven said...

thanks sharon! I am so making some napkins this weekend!

Ciara said...

These are adorable Sharon! Thanks for the inspiration!

personalized napkins said...

You are really so creative! The napkins are so adorable!

dancilhoney said...

Cloth napkins are usually all we ever even have in our house! I've been using them for so long I forgot there was any other way! :) Custom Napkins

Hamper Delivery said...

These are so cute, I don't think I could ever get into the habbit of using them at home though they would mean too much washing for me!