Sunday, 26 July 2009

strawberry basket

Sorry I haven't been around for what seems like ages recently - I was actually without my laptop limb as the charger cable stopped working. I freaked out at first but (as I still have internet use on my PC, albeit at a desk rather than slouching on the sofa) amazingly I survived!

Anyhow, I've been up to lots of things. Here is one project...I bought this (what i think is a magazine rack) in an auction recently with plans to use it as a strawberry hanging basket. I decided to spray paint it first as it had a funny mottled finish as you can see here and to help stop it from rusting...

I picked up the spray paint in B&Q - it's in sage green - very similar to the original colour but it gave a really lovely finish and was really easy to use. It was a pretty windy day when I did it (outside to avoid turning everything in the house green!) so it dried pretty quickly too...

I then lined it with (a small bag of) fresh moss which I bought here. I made sure to put the pretty green stuff to the front and any browner bits inside or to the back.

I made sure my strawberry plants were well watered and left them to drain for a bit...

And then finally I planted them - I half-filled the space with multi-purpose soil, removed the plants from their pots and sat them inside before filling around with more soil, packing it fairly well. I split one of the plants in two and poked them out the sides too - we'll see what happens there! Finally, I gave the whole thing a good water with some tomato feed diluted in there.

Just need mart to screw it onto the wall for me now!

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