Thursday, 16 July 2009

elderflower cordial gift

There isn't much of our homemade elderflower cordial left so I quickly made up a small bottle of it for our neighbour, Mrs. Kelly. She was bemused to see me dangling from the tree and wondered what I was up to. She's very sweet and I can't wait to make cakes for her too once our kitchen is sorted (yawn).

I filled the cordial into a (ballygowan) water bottle which I had steralised and dried. Then I used my pinking shears (from any good haberdashery) to cut a small circle of fabric (which I got in trimmings) and secured it on top of the bottle with a piece of ribbon (from rubenesque). I then used my alphabet stamps (from ebay) and ink (easons) to stamp out the label (sticker labels from easons too). I finished off the bottom edge with my pretty lacey stamper (from martha stewart) and stuck it on.


Ciara said...

This is very sweet Sharon.

I have to admit that I love wrapping and decorating presents more that the presents themselves!

I love your alphabet stamps!

jaboopee said...

mmmh looks really gorgeous, i bet it tastes as good as it looks
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