Saturday, 20 December 2008

All Wrapped Up

Lots of people struggle with wrapping gifts or just don't enjoy doing it. Here's a quick step by step guide to creating perfectly wrapped gifts that people just won't want to open!

Gather your wrapping materials; wrapping paper, tissue paper, box (great for difficult to wrap shapes), ribbon, name tag, sticky tape and scissors.
Cut the wrapping paper to size by placing the box in the centre and rolling to paper around to check it will completely cover.

Cut the tissue paper (if using) to shape and snuggle into the box.
Place your gift inside, remembering to remove any price tags!

Fold the tissue paper over to enclose and pop the lid on.
Line the box up on the pre-cut wrapping paper which is right side down of course.

Wrap the paper round and secure in place with a little sticky tape.
Starting at one open end, fold the corners in neatly, running your finger along the paper to secure in place.

Trim the end with a scissors, as it looks better
when it doesn't wrap up on top of the gift when taped in place. Fold the end up and tape in place with sticky tape.

Repeat with the opposite end.
Sticky tape side down, wrap the ribbon around the parcel and cross over. If you have a longer ribbon and want to wrap it in the other direction also, then start with the sticky tape side up, cross the ribbon over and then turn the parcel right side up.

Tie the ribbon in a bow.
My sister in law, Beckie showed me how to double bow and I think it looks really posh so I do this all the time now! To do this, leave the bow quite small and the ribbon ends hanging quite long. Then gather the ribbon ends and tie them in a bow also.

Next, prepare the name tag. Write your message on the tag before you add it on. You can either make a hole with a hole punch and tie it on with a little ribbon or in this case I simply cut a little slit in the card and then slid it onto the ribbon. And Voila!

The mother has said it looks better when the ribbon is off centre; I think she might be right!

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