Friday, 12 December 2008

Who ate all the pies?

There isn't a mince pie to be had in this house, I'm ashamed to say. Especially after all the Christmas cooking I've done this year with work. Besides the fact we have the excuse of not having an oven, neither of us have really been here very much to even consider such Christmas treats.

Anyhow, my mate Cliona sent me on these piccies she took on one of the many Christmas shoots we did. They are just a bit of step by step fun to assembling your mince pies. If you're really lazy, buy the mince meat (mix a splash of brandy through it to perk it up) and the pastry.(either shortcrust or puff). Pop a festive pastry shape on top to make them look more homemade.
If you want to make your own mince pies from scratch, follow the recipe for mince meat and pastry in a previous post.

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