Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A snuffly goodbye to '08

Well, it's the last day of the year and I'm ending it on a high - from all the tablets I'm dosed up on that is! Yes, the killer Christmas flu has struck me down so I'm in the jim jams for the evening. As we're in London, we had thought about going to see the fireworks but it's freezing outside and I don't think my body would survive it. So, I'm all tucked up with hot drinks, the details of which I thought I would bore you with. As you read this you are possibly nursing a hangover with a resolve to never drink again anyhow, so perhaps this is appropriate after all!

My non-alcoholic festive drinking includes:

I've been sniffling into lots of drinks like warmed ginger beer and ginger & lemongrass cordial made up with boiling water. Both have been really hot and spicy on my throat which hopefully means some bugs have been killed!

Also yummy as a booze free alternative is this spiced berry cordial which, when made up with boiling water comes close to mulled wine without the hangover.

After that, there's some homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows I need to consider while reminising about all the good things that have happened this year and looking over my list of things to do in 2009....

I can only wish for a really successful year in '09. Finishing our house renovations would be a dream come true; it would be great for marty and I to finally settle down and to have lots of friends and family round to snuggle in with us. A diary filled with lots of work is always welcome; it's exciting to start a year not really knowing what will come my way and then to look back on it and appreciate all the amazing opportunities I've had. I have lots of other things on the list of dreams I would love to achieve so no doubt I'll let you know as and when they happen...and of course I'm soon to become an aunt for the first time...

Anyhow, wishing you a fantastic, fun and food filled 2009 with lots of love, luck and laughter x

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Ciara said...

Hi Sharon!
I have peeped in here before, via Cliona.
Just want to wish you a wonderful New Year and 2009!
Hope you're feeling better soon, and do enjoy the time on the couch. It's kinda nice to have an excuse to just watch all those favourite movies and not have to see anyone you don't really want to, isn't it? :-)

Here's to a great year ahead!