Saturday, 20 December 2008

More Wrapping Ideas

This year we have used wallpaper leftover from decorating our sitting room to wrap our gifts - how very environmentally friendly! It's quite christmassy anyhow as it's very deep purple with lots of shiny silver on. I think the red ribbon goes really well with it and we're so impressed we're thinking of bringing lots of red into our sitting room now too!

Anyhow, if not being savvy like us by using leftover paper, try buying wrapping paper that you can use throughout the year for other occasions (like the paper in the post above). So nothing with 'merry Christmas' embezzeled all over! Try opening gifts carefully so that you can save the paper, particularly if it's pretty, to reuse for wrapping other gifts or for crafty projects. Remove any sticky tape with a scissors rather than ripping it off, and keep paper flat in a box file or art folder.

Place any odd shaped gifts in boxes to make them easier to wrap (and throw the person off the scent of what it is also!). Reuse boxes that have come in the post or have had chocoates, toiletries or perfumes in for example. Obviously, good old tissue paper is really handy too. Use to wrap a gift inside the main wrapping so it builds the suspense for the person unwrapping! Or if you pack the present in a gift bag, then top with a ruffle of tissue paper so the person can't sneak a peak.

Cellophane is really handy for wrapping gifts also, whether wine bottles, jars of chutneys (as above) or plates of mince pies. Buy a roll from any good stationary shop (like Easons) or buy smaller amounts of it from your local florist. While in the florist, pick up some raffia (stringy stuff that comes in lots of different colours) that you can use to tie the cellophane closed. Raffia is also handy to tie name tags onto parcels if ribbons are too wide to go through the hole.

Speaking of name tags, rather than spending more money on tags, cut a piece of coloured card into smaller pieces or reuse old cards by cutting them into suitable shapes where appropriate and punch with a hole punch. Don't forget to write on the card before attaching it - and be careful not to get the cards and gifts mixed up!

Then, the wonderful world of ribbons! Reuse ribbons from other gifts received, from fancy boxes of chocolates, or even those ribbons that are attached to clothes for hanging (but end up sticking out just when that important photo is being taken!). Alternatively, buy new ribbons online, in your local haberdashery or trimmings shop. Also, at Christmas time ribbons are easily available in garden centres and hardware stores, particularly the wired type, which are easily made to look quite dramatic. The ribbons in the picture above were double bowed as per the post above to make them look really fancy.

Finally, the all important reminder not to forget to remove those price tags!!

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