Thursday, 30 October 2008

a few ramblings...

I got sent this piccie today from photographer Paul Sherwood. We bumped into each other last week having not seen each other since January when we worked on a cookbook together. I was at Clontarf Castle at a cookery dem with my friend (and colleague) Orla. We thought it might be interesting to sit still and watch for once! Anyhow, that's not Orla in the piccie but her friend Grainne (who made me some gorgeous pretty quilted mini casserole pot tops, but that's another story!). We were hitting the bar when Paul papped us.

Anyhow, about the cookery dem itself...You would think I follow chef Neven Maguire around as I'm constantly blogging on about him but, yes, he was presenting. Orla and I had to fight back from winding him up with an on the spot tricky question at one point! One of Neven's recipes was prawns in Kataifi pastry which were deep fried and served with a chilli jam. Kataifi pastry is shredded filo pastry traditional in the Middle-East. Watch out for it in Turkish, Middle-Eastern or Asian stores (it looks like shredded wheat!).

I just googled to see if it can be bought online and it showed up on the US amazon. Amazingly they have a whole section of food, from gourmet foods like live lobster to general groceries like special K! It looks like they will ship some items to Europe (normally you get redirected to the UK amazon) but I'm not sure if they would ship Kataifi pastry across the pond! I'm off to see if they sell and ship my favourite Angel Flake Coconut...

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