Thursday 23 October 2008

Oxfam Treasure

Once again I've been snooping around Oxfam Home on Francis St. and found a couple of little kitchen treasures which I just couldn't leave behind. These gorgeous little soup bowls from Arklow Pottery (their pottery is apparently now a collectors item as they have closed) cost me €3 each.

They will look cute as buttons hanging on my (currently fantasty) kitchen dresser. I'm seeing them filled with a delicious Gazpacho on a summers day.

Also, FYI, Oxfam Home are hosting an Oxjam event on Thursday (30th Oct) from 6.30pm. While you're there, check out the 'Early Ming Dynasty Lacquered Vase' priced at € 125,000!! It's housed in a glass cabinet so hands off. Speak to the manager Paul who will enlighten you on it!

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