Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sleeping with the Enemy

I'm having heart palpatations and difficulty breathing with excitement having found an amazing blog written by a girl (called Benita) who is after my own heart. Chez Larsson is full of amazing evidence of obsessive organising. There are pidgeon holes & slots, segmented drawers and product decanting and labelling. Benita keeps buttons in colour coded groups, her laundry room is perfection and she even has the neatest garage you will ever see! Obviously, I have an itchy skin rash thinking about all of this as most of our belongings are still packed in storage boxes (but very organised packing of course!). I would love for nothing more than everything to be put away neatly in their homes.

Here's a teaser taster of Benita's fine work:

dining room things neatly in a dining room cupboard

the office with neat files & boxes

kitchen cubby holes

shoe polish in a cute box beside the shoes

cake decorating goodies neatly in their home

I think Benita's home is totally stylish too of course. I love her use of colour on white and mix and match items. But for me right now I'm more hooked on her perfect organising and can't sleep at night thinking about everything I want to do once we have the house sorted!

Now, of course the idea of loosing sleep over this is quite worrying to me. Down the road of OCD I would imagine. Finding this blog has made me think 'Ok, I'm not crazy as someone else does it too' but at the same time it makes me think 'God, this is my madness staring me in the face and it's bigger than I imagined!'.

I would love to know what other people think of this behaviour, so please post your comments! In the meantime, I'm off to google something to do with obsessive organising and perhaps order a straight jacket.

And the 'sleeping with the enemy'? Martin always says that to me when he sees my cupboards. I haven't seen the movie myself but he tells me there's some crazed guy with cupboards full of cans of beans in neat rows with labels turned out. Oh dear, I'm starting to see what he means now!


Anonymous said...

see thats unnatural, even doris day, and she had a team of set dressers wasnt that tidy!! Harry

Anonymous said...

you should definitely watch the movie! fiona