Friday, 17 October 2008

Reach for the Stars

Having slept on my previous blog, I woke up still concerned about my obsessive organising. In the next stage of the unravelling of this personal crisis I have looked to the universe for help.

So, according to astrology, as a Capricorn I am an Earth sign ruled by planet Saturn. It is Saturn that is responsible for me being super-organised, a-ha! Apparently,
by nature I am systematic, organised, disciplined, thorough, methodical, logical, analytical and resourceful (and of course, a lot of other traits that we'll save for another counselling session).

So it's natural that I'm like this....I'm still not sure that I shouldn't still be afraid though.....I have been around the house and have to come clean about some of my organising which mirrors Benita's house too (her photos are on the left and mine on the right). Yikes.

From shoes,

to colour coded clothes...

From crafty bits to jewellery..

Even plugs don't escape a crazy organiser!

and of course the stationary drawers...

The crazy thing is this has given me the bug to go and do some more organising - I'm off to sort out that bathroom cabinet once and for all.....

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Anonymous said...

loving the Shous Miz Parker