Monday, 27 October 2008

This week I'm loving...Ginger Cordial

Marty has just got his mitts on my delicious organic ginger cordial so I better tell you about it before it's all gone. I'm a big fan of elderflower cordial with fizzy water over ice but recently in a the health food store (Down to Earth on George's St) I came across this liquid gold.

The label suggests to make it into a ginger beer with fizzy water or to have it as a hot toddy which is a nice idea for winter. I think it would jazz up a plain piece of cake like madeira when drizzled over, but more to the point I'm thinking of a drop in some bubbly!

Besides ginger and elderflower, this brand comes in other flavours like cranberry, lemon and blackcurrant. I payed €5.30 for a 360ml bottle but I'm sure you could probably buy it a little cheaper in other health food stores. I have also seen similar cordials in a different brand which I'm sure will be just as good.

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