Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Jelly Mould Fetish

Lately, it seems I am being followed around by jelly moulds and I'm beginning to wonder if the universe is trying to tell me something! I have started a collection of cake stands which I want to display (when I finally have a kitchen!), but I may have to change my plans. Here are some gorgeously tempting piccies that have me thinking (the one on the near left is actually of vases but they're similar and too gorgeous to leave out!).

wibbly-wobbly-wonderous wallpaper! wowee, jellies on wallpaper to adorn my kitchen! This website also has jellies printed on cards, t-shirts and napkins...I want them all!

Try here or here for personalised jelly moulds. They seem to be aimed at kids but I WANT ONE!

There are lots up for grabs on ebay - I particularly like the vintage or antique ones for my proposed collection - i just can't decide which to start with!

Anyone for a jelly mould pendant?

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Silvana said...

I've got about a billion 5 year olds birthdays coming up before Christmas and I'm going to get a jelly mould for every single one of them now. Thank you!